iOSDC 2023 First-Time Attendee Report! [Why New Grad iOS Engineers Should Attend iOSDC]

Hello, I’m jus, a Mobile App Engineer at Money Forward X Company. As a new graduate Mobile App Engineer, I joined Money Forward this year and attended iOSDC Japan 2023 for the first time from September 1st to 3rd!

I deeply understand the hesitation new iOS engineers might feel.

“Is it too soon to attend such a conference?” “Wouldn’t it be better to gain more experience first?”

In this post, I want to share why participating now is not only good but actually beneficial, along with my own experiences.

1. The ‘Bookstore’ Effect

iOSDC is like a bookstore filled with various iOS development topics. In day-to-day work, we often only deal with a limited range of technical topics, but this conference allows you to experience a wide array of iOS technology sessions. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore new interests and focal points beyond your daily job. The conference features a curated selection of speakers covering a diverse range of topics, from the latest tech trends to unique iOS development case studies. For instance, my colleague, 堺さん‘s session offered insights into aspects of iOS development that are not usually experienced in everyday work. Here is the content of his lightning talk!

Additionally, I’d like to highlight several sessions that I found exceptionally enlightening.

全人類iOSアプリエンジニア化計画〜ピクシブ編〜 by ああうえ

In this session, a project for developing practical-level engineers to address the shortage of app engineers was introduced.
A systematic learning method for iOS development was also presented, which has inspired me to relearn from the basics!

SwiftUIに適した新アーキテクチャの導入に挑む by 福井 章平, 中山 龍

In another session, the journey from identifying the challenges of the product to the introduction of a new architecture called SVVS was thoroughly explained. It was very educational to learn about the SVVS architecture, a new architecture developed for problem-solving without relying on external libraries.

Thus, iOSDC goes beyond a mere conference, providing a valuable venue for gaining new knowledge and inspiration.

2. Networking with Other iOS Engineers

iOSDC offers an excellent opportunity to meet and connect with iOS engineers from other companies. At this event, you can visit the booths of exhibiting companies and talk directly about the technologies they use for development. Such dialogues are unique to iOSDC and offer insights not available elsewhere.

Additionally, I had the pleasure of reuniting with a mobile engineer, いせりゅー(the person on the right in the image), whom I first encountered on X (formerly known as Twitter) during my student days. We exchanged our job-hunting stories and discussed our current work, which made for an engaging and enjoyable time.

Furthermore, the final day of iOSDC features a social gathering where a lavish meal is served at no cost, allowing attendees to freely engage in conversation with one another. I had the opportunity to talk with members of my colleague’s former team of iOS engineers. During these conversations, we excitedly discussed the development situations at each of our companies and various other broad topics. It was incredibly fun! (Sorry, no picture to show). In this way, iOSDC not only provides technical learning but also offers a great opportunity to deepen connections with others.

3. Skyrocketing Motivation for Speaking at an Event

Needless to say, attending iOSDC dramatically boosts your motivation and desire to present at future events. It was highly inspiring to see engineers of my generation from various companies presenting at the Rookies Lightning Talks. Watching them made me think, ‘Next time, I want to be the one presenting!’

Although my proposal wasn’t selected this time, preventing me from presenting, 堺さん had his proposal accepted and delivered a presentation. Observing his presentation further inspired me. This experience at iOSDC has ignited a strong ambition and a drive for self-improvement.

In Conclusion

For new iOS engineers, iOSDC is more than just a technical conference. It’s a catalyst for growth, learning, and connection. Being part of such a vibrant community not only enhances technical skills but also significantly boosts motivation for iOS development. The value of attending iOSDC – to increase motivation, gain diverse insights, and network with iOS engineers – is immeasurable.

Don’t hesitate to take part, it’s a rewarding and enriching experience.

This Article is Money Forward Blogathon 2023. Next author is rk.