Money Forward Tech Blogathon 2023 is coming up!

Hello, I’m @luccafort, working as a Tech PR in Money Forward.
We have had our Tech Blogathon event in December since last year and we’ll be hosting it again this year.

What is the Tech Blogathon?

The Blogathon is an event where we relay blogs, posting them until the 25th of December.
This year, we’ll be posting articles ONLY ON WEEKDAYS.
It’s a retrospective project, looking back on the year by sharing the knowledge gained and experiences lived.

Publishing Schedule

Dec 1(Fri)Pro Tips to Avoid Apple’s App Review Rejection for Non-Engineerscafedeichi
Dec 4(Mon)We Held Introductory Sessions on Ruby and Ruby on Rails for International Memberssawa
Dec 5(Tue)Platform Engineering and Culturedesai.niraj.vinay
Dec 6(Wed)Design Thinking Bootcamp for Cross Functional Teamsdesai.niraj.vinay
Dec 7(Thu)Ktor Series : Repository Design Pattern using Ktor and Exposedtrivedi.vishwas
Dec 8(Fri)Looking-back my recent English studynyafunta9858
Dec 11(Mon)Ktor Series: Dependency Injection using Koin — Ktor API Projecttrivedi.vishwas
Dec 12(Tue)Cross-account KEDA deploymentzelawat.naman
Dec 13(Wed)The Path from Neuroscience to ML Engineering at Money Forwardsiu.danny
Dec 14(Thu)Ktor Series : API Validation using Konformtrivedi.vishwas
Dec 15(Fri)Welcome to team Yataikobayashi.shingo
Dec 15(Fri)Fukuoka: Our Englishnization JourneyKostas
Dec 18(Mon)Coding Languages, Changing Continents – My Academic to Industrial Odysseyhan.ting
Dec 19(Tue)Model Optimization with PyTorchleung.tsz.kit
Dec 20(Wed)iOSDC 2023 First-Time Attendee Report! [Why New Grad iOS Engineers Should Attend iOSDC]jus
Dec 20(Wed)Multi-Tenancy Architecture with SpringBoot and PostgreSQL Row Level Security.Bean
Dec 20(Wed)Automatically creating Parameters on AWS Parameter Store & Refreshing Parameters without restarting.Bean
Dec 21(Thu)ML Cycle Architecture With Human in the Looprk
Dec 22(Fri)Using Postman AI to write API testsRyu
Dec 25(Mon)Globalization in Money ForwardMasa

We’ll update this article to share the links to the published Blogathon articles. We’ll also announce the links on our X account. Please bookmark this page or follow the X account!
We’re looking forward to bringing you some interesting technology articles in the last month of 2023!

Blogathon in Japanese

If you want to read our Japanese articles, you can follow these links.